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    Gastrobar DOM 1654: summer terrace and rest in the Dnipro

    In May 2023, on the street Gastrobar DIM 1654 opened at Barikadna, 3 - restaurant with a summer terrace and an open area in the city of Dnipro, which became a new decoration of the city. Gastrobar is located on the 1st floor, in a spacious room with high loft-style ceilings. Here you can feel cozy summer atmosphere and relax on summer playground, which is ideal for meetings and recreation in the Dnipro. Gastrobar DOM 1654 offers a wide selection of delicacies, including the best dishes from different cuisines of the world, but also smoking hookah.

    DOM 1654 is a menu that everyone will like

    DOM 1654 gastrobar offers a variety of options for breakfast lovers summer terrace in Dnipro and a comfortable platform. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes, such as sweet or salty oatmeal, soft cheeses, scramble, butter croissants with various fillings. In addition, the restaurant pays special attention to vegetarian dishes, among which you should try the vegan burger with eggplant patty, classic hummus, Greek salad or eggplant with spinach.

    Where to drink a cocktail in Dnipro?

    Gastrobar DOM 1654 is famous for its cocktails and open bar on its own open area in Dnipro. You can enjoy more than 30 types of cocktails on the bar terrace or gazebo, as well as mocktails, lemonades, healthy smoothies and soft drinks. The selection includes classic cocktails, such as the "Negroni", as well as author's creations, such as the "Siciliano Gin Tonic" or the sweet and sour "Lilo and Stitch". Thanks to a wide range of cocktails, everyone will find something to their taste while enjoying a cozy atmosphere summer atmosphere in the Dnipro.

    Gastrobar DOM 1654 is also known for its summer terrace and an open recreation area in the Dnipro. This is a place where you can enjoy great weather and a great view of the city. Summer terrace in Dnipro offers excellent conditions for relaxation and meetings with friends or relatives. Cozy gastrobar with a summer atmosphere is an ideal option for a romantic evening, a party or a casual lunch.

    Where to smoke hookah in Dnipro?

    Do not forget that DIM 1654 gastrobar also offers hookah smoking. Cozy a restaurant with a summer playground ideal for relaxing with a good hookah and soulful conversations. Take a table in the fresh air, and we will prepare the best hookah in Dnipro from quality tobacco.

    DIM 1654 is a popular bar in Dnipro.

    Gastrobar DIM 1654 is a place where you can enjoy delicious dishes from different cuisines of the world, relax and take a break from everyday affairs and the news feed. We invite you to visit gastrobar DIM 1654, where a cozy summer atmosphere and unforgettable experiences await you. Are waiting for you!