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Potato balls

160,0 UAH
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Weight: 180/40 g.

Sour cream

35,0 UAH
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Weight: 50 g.

Tartar with duck breast

460,0 UAH
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Weight: 300 g.

Apple strudel with ice cream

160,0 UAH
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Weight: 260 g. Ingredients: phyllo dough, apple, cashew nut, sugar, olive oil, vanilla ice cream, almond flakes, mint, freeze-dried raspberries

Pancakes with sour cream berry sauce, marshmallow and peach

190,0 UAH
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Weight: 250 g. Ingredients: flour, egg, milk, butter, sugar, berry sauce, condensed milk, canned peach, marshmallow

Croque Madame sandwich

220,0 UAH
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Weight: 225 g. Ingredients: Brioche bun, ham, cream cheese, Dor Bleu cheese, Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, chicken egg, mustard, oil, cheese sauce, pesto

Oatmeal with berries, quinoa and blackcurrant sauce

140,0 UAH
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Weight: 250 g. Ingredients: quinoa mix, berry sauce, cashew nut, berries: blueberry, strawberry

Tortilla with egg, vegetables and sour cream

230,0 UAH
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Weight: 250/40 g. Ingredients: Tortilla, egg, bacon, tomato, spinach, cocktail tomatoes, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, cream, sour cream, oil

Tender cheesecakes with sour cream, toffee and berry sauce

230,0 UAH
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Weight: 250 g. Ingredients: 5% cheese, 20% sour cream, boiled condensed milk, berry sauce.

Potato fritters with salmon, yogurt sauce, poached egg and cheese sauce

310,0 UAH
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Weight: 270 g. Ingredients: potatoes, chicken egg, lightly salted salmon fillet, cheese sauce.

Shakshuka with bread croutons

300,0 UAH
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Weight: 380 g. Ingredients: Pilatia tomatoes, onion, garlic, tomato, bell pepper, kimchi sauce, yogurt, chicken egg, spices, cilantro, bread

Hummus with vegetables and pesto sauce

210,0 UAH
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Weight: 250 g. Ingredients: hummus, olive oil, pesto sauce, cocktail tomatoes, spinach

Tartare with salmon and avocado mousse

460,0 UAH
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Weight: 190 g. Composition: Salmon fillet, Japanese mayonnaise, tobiko caviar, olive oil, baguette

Tartar with veal and porcini mushroom mousse

390,0 UAH
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Weight: 210 g. Ingredients: mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, cream, veal fillet, olive oil.

Meat plate

590,0 UAH
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Weight: 250 g. Ingredients: homemade bouzenina, basturma, ham, ham, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cherries

Hummus with chicken and pesto sauce

240,0 UAH
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Weight: 260 g. Ingredients: hummus, olive oil, pesto sauce, cocktail tomatoes, chicken fillet

Chicken pate with blackcurrant confit and caramelized onions

225,0 UAH
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Weight: 190/80 g. Ingredients: Chicken liver, onion, cream, butter, carrot, caramelized onion, berry sauce, bread, cashew nut

Wine plateau

400,0 UAH
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Weight: 220 g. Ingredients: camembert, parmesan, gorgonzola, jamon, strawberries, honey, nuts

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