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Salad with duck breast and nuts

350,0 UAH
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Weight: 240 g. Ingredients: duck breast, Dor Bleu cheese, pear, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed greens, berry sauce, Kikoman sauce, cranberry, vegetable oil

Salad with salmon, tangerine, avocado, feta cheese and shrimp

420,0 UAH
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Weight: 250 g.

Salad with tuna tataki, mango chutney with mixed greens and cherries

389,0 UAH
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Weight: 220 g. Ingredients: tuna fillet, mango, spring onion, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, sriracha sauce, mixed greens, cherry tomato, olive oil, soy sauce

Salad with Caesar dressing and grilled chicken

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Weight: 290 g. Ingredients: Mixed greens, Caesar sauce, tomato, baguette, grilled chicken fillet, quail egg, Parmesan cheese, a slice of fried bacon

Olivier with shrimp

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Weight: 250 g.

Meat salad with roast beef and grilled vegetables

395,0 UAH
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Weight: 250 g. Ingredients: Mix of greens, honey-mustard dressing, baked vegetables: tomato, zucchini, bell pepper, olive, fried beef, teriyaki sauce

Greek salad with feta cheese

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Weight: 350 g. Composition: Mix of greens, cucumber, tomatoes, olive, bell pepper, yogurt dressing, onion, feta cheese, olive oil

Delivery of salads in Dnipro from DOM 1654 - this is an event for those who seek taste and utility in one plate. We are sure that our salads will be a real color for your table and will allow you to enjoy delicious meals without leaving your home.

The freshest salads in Dnipro are our pride and your pleasure

Here you will always find salads prepared from the freshest and ecologically clean products. Our chefs are true masters of their craft, so they create real masterpieces that will not only satisfy your gastronomic desires, but also add to your health.

Delivery of DOM 1654 salads is the safety of your health.

We understand the importance of your health, which is why we adhere to high quality and safety standards when preparing salads. All our ingredients are carefully selected and the cooking process is controlled by our chefs so that you get only the best.

Ordering salads is simple and convenient

One of the advantages of ordering salads from DOM 1654 is the ease and convenience of the process. Just a few clicks on our website and delicious salads will be on their way to you. Or you can use the phone and order delivery, specifying your preferences.

A variety of flavors for all tastes

DOM 1654 offers a variety of flavors in its salads. From light vegetable compositions to rich salads with meat - each of our salads is a true breath of taste. Add different types of cheeses, olive oil and our signature sauce and you will have a unique gastronomic experience.

Advantages of ordering salads from DOM 1654

Feel like you're on a real gastronomic holiday by ordering a salad from DOM 1654. We guarantee you:

- Freshness and Quality: Each salad is made with only the freshest ingredients so you can enjoy true quality.

- Safety for Health: We use only the best ingredients, and our salads do not contain artificial additives or preservatives. Your health is our priority.

- Variety of flavors: The choice of salads from DOM 1654 is diverse - from classic to author's. We have the perfect dish for the skin gourmet.

How to order Salad at DOM 1654

Ordering our delicious salads is easy and convenient. You can order online on our website or call the number provided. We will be happy to deliver your favorite salad directly to your home or office. All you have to do is enjoy the perfect taste and benefits for your health.

Don't miss the opportunity to try a real gastronomic experience with DOM 1654!